Best Bikes for 2013

If your looking to buy a new 2013 MTB and not sure which is the right buy for you, take a look below and see what which mountain bike would recommend you spend your hard earned cash on. Most of the major manufacturers have started releasing the 2013 range and it looks like they are all favouring the 29er, 29″ wheels have a number of benefits as detailed on our choosing the right mtb for you page.

This site will be updated as more bikes are reviewed.

Cube AMS 100 Supr HPC SLT 29er 2013

Cube are a German manufacturer, they put a lot of research into getting good frame geometry and power transfer.

The Cube AMS 100 Supr HPC SLT 29er has been described as a “super, super lightweight bike in its class”.  See more about it here.

Got a bit less money to spend?

Best Bike Below £1600

100% no doubt about it, I am convinced the bike to your left is the best bike below the £1600 price range.

Sensa Fiori TNT Pro 29er

Carbon frame and Rockshox Reba, I love it.

See more about this bike here.

Best Bike Below £800

Budget 29er Sensa Sella TNT Tour 29er

This bike offers and excellent specification for just over £600.

29″ Weinmann rims, Shimano hubs, Deore XT and hydraulic disc brakes. think this bike is a bargain. See more about the Sensa Sella TNT Tour here.

More reviews coming soon, see all the latest mtb reviews here.